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Rhonda Beckford on Dana and Parks

May 4, 2016|

Rhonda Beckford, mother of Kara Kopetsky who went missing in May 2007, calls in for an interview with Dana and Parks. Original airdate May 4th, 2016.

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I we will get into some very serious or just a moment. And I'll tell you about that will will visit with her mom. On the back for her decide we would be remiss I am I know a lot of you guys saw the story in the paper. On their website cases start com. He was on Monday if I'm not mistaken and it appears in the paper. Abbott today marks this is a name you guys are all familiar with have you been in town for any length of time our car compared ski. Today is the nine year. Olds hate the word anniversary of something like this but it's been nine years today. That cart has ski when miss I can't believe it's been nine years and it was a case that captivated. The Kansas City area can excuse me a bigger part. And she walked out of high school. At Belton and Belton about 10:30 in the morning on May fourth 2007. And that was about the same time as the last call received on herself now. Fifty more through to people turned out on Sunday for an annual walk in Missouri fiftieth highway and built to remember. Com a web site has been established and I think it's been around for a while searching for Kara KARA. Dot com carpet parred. Signs along the highway reds still searching nine years is too long our car is law we won't give you up. And her mom and will be as with her mom here in just a second because we would be remiss wouldn't bring this up. I feel like and I say this every year that we have an obligation. We have a civic. Moral. Obligation. To remind people about this case and the fact that it's been nine years today we did reach out to her mother. To get her thoughts on why this is taken so long. Most offered around Bedford is cartoon that's he's mom. Rhonda good afternoon whispers become a better circumstances. Good afternoon thank you for having me on. Without a doubt in nine years is too long. And I know that you sort of resigned yourself from Sam was resigned itself. To the obvious that that's that she's not coming home alive. But why has it taken nine years to find your daughter. Well I think early on it started out that she has looked at as a bright light instead of the victim of foul play firmer. Boyfriend who has. Very violent. I agree Rhonda I know as you know a lot about this case I did. Some work on this behind the scenes in both. On the year for channel five. I've never understood why after all this time someone in that circle. Has not woken up because these people are now mothers and fathers and wives and husbands. How none of them ever woke up 1 morning and thought it's time I'm going to come forward and tell someone even anonymously. Where she is located. Well I think a lot of people are afraid that I layer because late knows what he's capable of. You know it did police ever specifically named him as a suspect and I know that I think everybody. Has there's a general consensus that. That agrees with what you're saying. Well our fleet that hole. Now that they've believed for a very early on the issue of the pick out like it. She was dead but then as the few hours of leave the war. You hurt your receive this ex boyfriend and we need to be very clear. He has been questioned he has never been chart that's right and and so with. We cannot. Definitively say that he had anything to do. With Kara capacities disappear carcass sorry we have a care in the newsroom minutes is spelled exactly the same way a bigger part. Cart Penske is disappearance. But do you ever see him do you ever seen around town. He was just throw it throw federal prison on dirt charges and he is slipping in halfway house. Frightening our band and in the. And you've had no contact with him in years I would imagine. No it was blocked out full horror. Three years in. The last time I on the floor mat you know it's kind of aborted their when he was. Still here in bulk. But that Rhonda do you believe as I strongly believe that there is at least. Two of three if not four or more. Then teenagers who know exactly what happened that day. All I know for a fact that he has confessed to at least three people. But he does it. Where these people. As I said earlier I think cement never afraid of him and I've been told that they don't want to take this to court are out being the circumstantial case is that this is at least find her body. They were charging. But but it was. Older perspective couldn't may anonymously at least one of them tell you told the poll recently that that's what Chad is it's. Unconscionable and if one of them is listening it is unconscionable. That you have not contacted police to let this family bury their child. It and keep in mind run of these people are now how old. 25 are they dollar to. Yeah bulk. They're buried a lot of them have children. I don't understand how you get up every day and look yourself in the mirror and and you know. Something that would would bring the Stanley treason and Rhonda my heart goes out to you every time we talk about this that it makes me angry. Let me ask a question of I could run before we because we got to get to the news year's second. I understand that the likelihood of her being alive is extremely. Remote. But do you still hold out any hope that maybe she just was a young. Idealistic rebellious teenager and just ran away. Now I don't believe that that's what happened and Procter French mandate or even help I is that there. That they don't so she's alive that they political. They would have had contact with her by mail and ship and car has contacted inlet. You set the story in the star that you that she has contacted you they she's bit her spirit if you will. Has visited you what does that mean. I during their first four signed into the lesson that what lies. I thought out and I don't know. What it was but I issue is inside of the Al and I walked into the alphabet Lockett I like about here that I feared there is blamed on the bad. Cilic that would mean she says ul audible. And basically looks at me and I'll leave it. I'm fine mom I've been a good place. Well run the bless your heart and bush years your family is always in our thoughts. Well thank you very much and thank you for continuing tell our story as well let's keep it out there. Hopefully someday somebody will come forward and tell what they now. Erin Ergen. How do you take that your desk then. Yeah I understand all the time I don't or a bunch of snot nosed teenagers. And there's there's more than one who knows well and and I get it when you're sixteen you are probably scared. And if that this happened let's just. If this Tyler kid did today and it was a K but OK but what is Tyler with the high bigger park if Tyler did it. And he's in prison. Why wouldn't you come forward in his or at least anonymously say here's we're gonna find about him and then you can proceed and we imprison Burris walked I I think they're evil. I really do believe that's gotten that that you wouldn't carry that around with you and now you have children. So you have to know or be able to. Much better put yourself in you know Rhonda shoes and a wake up every morning with that information there had not shared. I there's no bigger evil.