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E.J. & Ellen with Friday morning's Cover Story

Apr 8, 2016|

An emotional phone call into the Dana and Parks program left the morning news team wondering about the issues she raised and what the solutions might be. The answers are in our Cover Story.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it was one week ago that a call came in to date in parks a call heard on air. And well over a 100000. Times online it was a lease a black woman a mother of five boys responding to the firing of the TV reporter. Who had posted about black on black crime in the inner city. I moved back out and cannot happen again it can't argue that one out and really go out of my way implement check check and I'm go to church and com home school bit wet cat. I'll have to worry. Andre. That week and that didn't. And we decided that phone call was so powerful the contents so important. We'd look at it in death and do our Friday morning cover story on it we talked. Mayors like James who worries about the urban corps insists he and the police need help and we are sure as Kansas city's crime problem is very community problem. It requires citizens Chopra. Until straight abusing you understand what herded the families who lost loved ones we feel that pain will enjoy bring clarity. It should be and the police are doing all the chaos. Don't place the blame on people who are actually working to try to clean about love placed the blame on the people who took their lives. And then try to find ways to make that stop. In your own community. James the edge between summer programs Casey go. And turn the page where he reads to elementary school students how long has been built on broad support Google for suggestions and is willing to listen. Counseling should be whole deal over eighty KUMBC. News. This is Jim Cunningham while the newsroom another resource that's available is the national center for fathering. Which strives to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to be actively engaged in the life of every child. From athletes to the president carry Casey has spent years with the organization spreading a simple message kids need love and they needed dad. Without a little years of Barney Google in 1960. After American babies born out of wedlock 45 to 32016. It could lead Yemeni troops are strict. That truly stick to. Casey says fathers do not need to have money a big house or a title. That's why are we killing each other of these cities admitted your growing up. They don't see where real lousy. And their cute acting out of poverty war they're the pacers are here. Casey says we have children raising themselves and when there's no father in the home kits are more likely to be pork drop out be involved in crime or get pregnant. If you'd like more information on the national center for fathering go to fathers dot com. In the newsroom Jim Cunningham came BC newsroom and justice a few minutes ago as part of our cover story Ella and I spoke with Roslyn temple of Casey mothers in charge she echoed the sentiment of the leases phone call. And told us that the violence in the community isn't coming from the outside. Not only. It's not cripple cultural or obsolete one that they are like this can eat it. When I eat her. Car almost let her speak you departure jamarcus you. I think he's out of out I didn't play. Temple says this is not one person's problem it is everyone's problem. If you haven't heard releases powerful phone call go to came easy dot com you'll find it they're under recent audio. It's it's from beginning to end no mind it's pretty moving stuff it really is.