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Feb 18, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning it is 502 on Kansas city's morning news on Wednesday morning it's February 17 2016. I mean. KC guy doing nothing may be a costly option current and former Teamsters are not happy about proposed pension cut in this family of Kansas city's latest homicide victim says an arrest has been made in that case in sports in use stop this losing streak against one of the best teams in the SEC and in business news we have certain results for you also futures pointing to gains at the open on Wall Street that we've got sports four or 515 business news at 525503. Right now. On this Wednesday morning on Kansas city's morning news it would go straight to that is remarkable is there this morning it's gonna be a busy day in Jefferson City and you would think lawmakers have an awful lot of questions. For leaders and and you mark you would. Saying can the hearing that is scheduled for today we'll be about some of the criticisms that have been lodged against leaders there at the Columbia campus lawmakers say they are frustrated and and have been ever since those protests and you last November. There are also upset that the university has not yet fired Melissa click for at least two videotaped incidence. University of Missouri system interim president Mike Middleton is scheduled to speak today. Interim Columbia campus chancellor Hank Foley and a represented a for the system's governing board also will address the lawmakers. Live in the newsroom mark Laboy KM BC news. ICI back in focus this morning there's been so much talk about how expensive it would be to. Rehab the old terminals or to build a new terminal the option nobody seems to talk about his. Doing nothing. That's apparently not cheap either our Jim Cunningham working that story this morning and joins us live Jim. Boy aviation department told a Kansas City council's airport committee yesterday the 44 year old airport. Will need repairs to stay running and it won't be cheap. Phil months it can say aviation department says a report finds it could cost as much as 535. Million dollars everything out and saying here's still les. That forty. 4445. Year old concrete frame there. So that's although there under discussion. The report deals with repairs the city could make now including. Ongoing work to fix water damaged the buildings aging pipes in the roads around the complex. A new building or major renovation to the airport is estimated to cost around one billion dollars. Live Jim Cunningham can't BC news. Some residents in this is Horry county are switching to bottled water residents in Henry county say the water company started the process of flushing the system on Monday. The lot of departments as the flashes to disinfect water ice at the water is safe to drink. The department says disinfecting water pipes is a common practice across the country but that has not stopped some residents from going to the grocery store. Or installing it filtration system in their homes a flash is expected to take about two months to complete. Of course this all comes their worry and their fear becomes because of the problems in Flint, Michigan with lead contamination exactly a 22 year old Kansas City man now charged with a salt. A postal employee Willie ramps and is accused of attacking Amy Tucker outside his home on myrtle avenue bank the beginning of the month. Tiger says she handed rooms in the mail but he appeared angry allegedly Astor where's check was. Mail carrier reported that she told him she didn't have a check for him today police say. She was trying to make their way back to her vehicle when she Sorenson come out of his homey approached her in the next thing she knew. They were inside her postal vehicle wrestling. If convicted drips and could do twenty years in the pan. And get a 250000. Dollar fine. It is 506 right now on Kansas city's morning news or three minutes away from traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the nines and you are going to enjoy the weather forecast when you hear it. A packed house at. Bible calls grand ballroom last night came easy though Grady reports the hot topic was retirement. Because of an omnibus spending bill signed into law lash your question unfortunately it's mentioned to you could make. People culture and retirees been approached to stay afloat. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver told could be abusing you can reduction could be severe from the individuals who would make. They maximum of 121700. Dollars a year. The minimum work. 3040. Years in bruised bone to mergers that would block the trucks which are sent to take effect enjoy. Most of it is attending our current or retired Teamsters. Which are ludicrous sent to recruit reported beneficiary doesn't vote for much more more in the below the clutch column. The door to a whole new old Brady continuum DG news. There's been an arrest in the case fifteen year old Jack your strong was shot near 39 in willow. He ran to a neighbor's house called for help but his mother says he died at the hospital hours later without. Heard there. He hailed a home for hours. Hoping that someone will come I'm angry than I was in fair. She says he was a student a great town high school that he excelled in sports especially basketball. The district says that it was not ready to issue a statement about the death while the family says it is glad an arrest has been made police. Have not confirmed reports from the family that there is indeed someone in custody. Kansas city fire crews made quick work of a fire in the north land has happened around 630 last night at a home on northwest wrong ridge road near northwest London avenue. Cody mortenson says he's in the basement when the fire broke out he says while working beneath the car he saw us Arkansas flames. He says the flames spread to the gas tank which caused the fire to spread to the upstairs of the home his fiancee saw flames grabbed a nineteen month old son. Everyone inside managed to get out safely. Folks who live in the old northeast. Pendleton heights. Say bill keep pushing to get speedy cash out there. A spike continues between speedy cash and the city in their building on independence avenue is all but destroyed however the company wants to keep their location on independence avenue neighborhood association president Jessica ranks as they'd like to see the building knocked down as soon as possible. And only upsetting have to deal with that repeatedly after the city extra burden Andre really wished that they would just. Because a person rockaway. Speedy cash appeal the latest demolition order which now moves the case to the city's board of zoning adjustment Kara marks are KM BC news. Dozens of people. And owners and zone and I'm pausing here to think for saying I want but yes. It's amazing. What some people will do to get a warm bed at a meal. Amazing because you and I don't think about that. Okay you and I take it for granted what this guy did and how he got his bed and his warm meal will surprise you. And I think you'll be even more surprised at how often it happens right after we check traffic and weather together. Every ten minutes on the lines it is 509 now on Kansas city's morning news let's bring in major miles for our first look at the streets and now looking at a highway so far this morning good morning to moral to a great start on the Wednesday drive south on 435 point four highway due to stalled car on the right shoulder a little frost on the car not really having to take some time to get that'll cleaned up before you have on your way this morning. But don't once on your way and nothing to slow you down so far brought you by Phillips 66 won tickets to the big twelve championship had to Phillips 66 and played big twelve bank shot. Like now go to big twelve bank shut dot com for full details while supplies last Dan's 3616. Major miles came BZ traffic. Now let's take a look at your forecast with channel nine meteorologist now level Miller gas light and a lot of. More acres the good morning everybody it's a cold start to our windsors are gonna want those heavy coats early the good news is. You're not gonna need them later on today we see a lot of sunshine Leavitt south breeze and look for high temperatures right around 57 degrees for today. Heading into tonight mostly clear rent drop back to about forty degrees then for tomorrow's can be windy sunny. Andy will be warm with high temperatures in the lower seventies from John Hanna first let me yachts is similar came easy whether. Now 35 degrees the official weather station. It's a 5:10 on Kansas city's morning news recently a man broke the tail light of a police cruiser. Walked into the station admitted it. Also that he would get busted. You know what apparently. That continues or happens more often than you'd think on the streets. Will start has a bit of a recap an explanation recently a man broke the tail light of a police cruiser walked into the station and admitted to solely to get a warm bed and a meal in jail. Dan's Dodi at city union mission isn't surprised and says that's a classic sign of the mental health problems that are pervasive on the street. Sometimes that's what causes of the violence in our shall certain threats of violence that's what people are authentication or don't have medication do. He says he used to be rare that they had issues of violence and vandalism but with cuts to mental health programs now. He says it's a daily occurrence will starent KM BZ news. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took a pay cut in 2014 I guess slash he still hairy rich man some football fans argue Roger Goodell gets paid way too much his salary was more than 34 million dollars and 2014. Down from 44 million the year before. I would say that you have to look at executive compensation. For publicly traded companies a Wall Street and you'd see that it is pretty much in line. ABC sports business correspondent Daryn Revell says the NFL gave up its tax exempt status last year so Goodell salary won't be public anymore Richard Davis ABC news deadline day in Missouri your. Seventeen did the deadline for missourians are registered to vote in order to be eligible. For the march 15 presidential preference primaries. He Fleming at the secretary of State's office says you can choose whichever party's ballot you want when you go to the polls in the open primary in Missouri. That's a like a closed primary in some states like Kansas it's being replaced this year though. By a caucus system. It is a 512 now on Kansas city's morning news to Kansas budget director answered a lot of questions following the release of a report saying that Kansas is trying to lure the American royal. Sean Solomon says any developments for the American oil and wyandotte county will be standalone. He says it won't taps sales tax revenues generated. By the nearby legends entertainment district coming up on Kansas city's morning news new risks revealed for people who take some very popular drugs for heartburn. And while you may not like it. You at least need to hear it too. We've got the information for you it is on the way at 520 before that talk lame new hoops next with sports. It is 513 on came BZ. As you get ready this morning and you're looking in the mirror and you're thinking to yourself. Okay my gonna shaver might not gonna shave remember this. Those crazy expensive blades. That you've been buying for so many years. And that you you you don't like to use simply because they're so darn expensive year AM to replacement spent all that money you know what those days are over TJ Becker to tell you about. Kerry's dot com went achieving it's so expensive you know what it doesn't matter because shaving. Is not so expensive anymore with Harry's dot com I personally hate shaving. And then got tuned in to Harry's. 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It's 5:15 on Kansas city's morning news time to talk a little sports Josh kling was what this. And and you get it. Yes cut back to back. Two straight wins in the SEC is a knock off us south Carolina at home last night 72 to 67. Ryan prosper lenders who had eighteen points he's had quite a stretch of games the senior including. His free throw with a minute 23 laughed for the final lead. They held off from there Terrence Phillips added fifteen as resume moves to three in ten in the league but again back to back wins and coach Kim Anderson after the game here on came easy. Tremendous suffer from a day ago you know I've thought that was society Damon or or guys were already deployed good execution and gets a team it's harder executed dance gotta be able to make plays on your own or for someone else can't call players because they did opinion they do a great job. The tigers rallying as well despite. Before the game was announced that the team dismissed junior guard Wes Clark for academic reasons Clarke a starter and every game this season averaging close to ten points. Per game K state got off to a sixteen to four start led by eleven at halftime enrolled to win at TCU's 63 to 49 Justin Edwards lead with seventeen. Very brown sixteen including four threes as a wildcats and a thirteen game big twelve. Are losing streak and with a foreign nine. In the conference. Number two Kansas is atop the big twelve all by themselves a B Ed case state coming up on Saturday. This as number 24 Texas knocks off number ten West Virginia 8578. Dropping West Virginia to a game behind the jayhawks at nine at four Texas improves to eight and five. Number 2.5 Baylor being number thirteen Iowa State 100 to 91. In overtime sporting KC in action today in Tucson Arizona. Pre season turn and actions will take on Columbus tonight at 7 o'clock which exported fifteen to 45 past the hour in Kansas city's morning news and all day long. Once extends Sports Radio I'm Josh claim came easy sports. 519 on KM BZ where we do traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the ice brought you by grandma's catering and here is major miles through the stalled car work any signs up now for 35 past 44 highway right shoulder no lanes blocked traffic lights and nothing slowing down from the north land south on I 35 from 150 Cuban liberty down to the Kit Bond bridge and no delay fourteen minute drive. Major miles KM BZ traffic. Looks like a lovely forecast in the works a second at channel nine meteorologist now on the left my Chris a good morning everybody it's a cold search or Wednesday the good news is we're gonna see a nice warm up heading into the afternoon climate sunshine with a south breeze. Look for high temperature right around 57 degrees or today. Heading into tonight were mostly clear gonna have a low near forty degrees then on Thursday is gonna feel like spring outside. Lots of sunshine breezy south winds twenty to 39 hour winds by the way. We'll of high temperature right around 72. From channel nine and first let me yards is the Miller came as you have. Thank you have a right now 35 that your official weather station. It's five Tony 1 on Kansas city's morning news' good morning EJ Becker Crist cause in for Alan shank a look at some of our. Top stories this morning. Folks from and you leaders from and you will be in Jeff city today speaking to the legislature no doubt they will face. Plenty of questions about the tensions on campus and the entire controversy surrounding. Professor Melissa click. This is Jim Cunningham. What if Kansas City does not move forward with case CI. Or leaving it alone. It's got a couple they have steep price tag at city leaders are finding out apple says it will fight a federal court order directing the company to help the FBI break into an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters CEO Tim Cook says such action would have implications far beyond the legal case at hand it is five Tony too in much of the US particularly politicians weighing in. On who ought to replace justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court congressman Emanuel Cleaver took a moment to share his thoughts with a saying. It's important we take a moment to show respect for the justice. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves. So I disagree with and most of his opinions. Closed. Arguably one of our greatest lead just our greatest justices. Cleaver says that nobody will be happy with the Supreme Court tied four and four in the legislative body should replace Scalia as soon. As is appropriate I I I do appreciate. The politicians coming out saying we need to. More than justice before we. Move on. But we moved on ten minutes after we was announced that he died that ten minute that it may have been six minutes. I mean out and out that was wrong but that's. That's politics and it's funny to hear politicians that get it. How right it is 523 now in Kansas city's morning news Austin medical news here certain heartburn drugs here at this certain heartburn drugs. Have already been linked to health woes including heart disease and kidney disease now a study in the journal the American Medical Association neurology. Says drugs like pilot sect privacy and now Acxiom may also boost your chance for dementia. Analyzing data on nearly 74000. Customers aged 75 and older between 04 in 2011. Researchers found a 44%. Higher risk of dementia. It coincides with three search. In mice that showed the same thing and higher levels of amyloid plaque which has been associated with dementia playwright the brain. As saying last thing we need as. The gunning down yeah how many millions of people on the eased up fifteen million. They say if you take the drugs now docs say more clinical trials are needed don't change anything but they say on. One thing the journal didn't do was account for lifestyle and diet which can also influenced dementia risk pistols. Doctor and mother now one of the things that the K you all 10% error and it is going to be looking more into is these predetermined factors for alzheimer's got to just announcement this week south. Coming up on Kansas city's morning news the next time you go to the Italian restaurant and they say hey you want to parmesan cheese on that. Don't say yes until we tell you what's really in that shredded white stuff you're cramming in your face. Will do that coming up at 530 Crist has got to look at business news in a minute it's 524 on KM BZ. Tony five time for a check of business headlines we're looking at futures in the green this morning death features up by 104 points NASDAQ futures adding thirty. S&P app by thirteen. And that market yesterday they closed broadly higher the Dow closed up by 222 points the S&P gained thirty the NASDAQ climbed 98 point Kansas City based sir reported its funny fifteen at results. On revenue of four point four billion dollars also record at new business booked. For cerner in 2015. I record five point four billion dollars in new business booked but guess what cerner stock dropped 11% in after hours trading. Because that bookings growth had slowed down just a little bit tryst a clause KM BZ business.