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Feb 18, 2016|

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Cloudy as giving way to at least partly cloudy conditions later on tonight will fall to thirty degrees. Son shared return and small doses tomorrow's high temperature warmer at 56 degrees for the south when it five to ten miles per hour we've been promising seventies. We'll get there on Thursday actually opted the wind and strongly with the very low humidity can see a high fire danger keep that in mind at the high temperature. 72. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby came BC weather. It's 43 QC 945 down to 43 right now you're official weather station. Stuff. Even Hillary Clinton clip to the bone around where she's barking its. There's so many jokes and our accurately RR a like like like a dog yeah loser and you would have a market it's very odd. Get fat dog it low. And every they say these things. Like a lol you know the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation. It. I think we get which is a lot of hair. Elder claims. She talked about. Training a dog to bark whenever somebody lies. And she went dog up and all around Republicans she and you worded. Girl so eerie to get that dogged follow Colin around and every time they say these things. Like a whole you know the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation. It. I think we can't we can't putt right through a lot of their you know. I. The home. Since I thought this race couldn't get dumber it just did. Just let us so we're on both sides now I just I. Just got hot we've got the dumbest people American running for president. Cash. At home all. I have no words for the ads your girl right there. Huber. Killing birds rely. Karen Clark who's got the better are now I'm not having a bark yes we are now. You want a big dog is not limited to I cannot. You start. Yeah yo it. That's. Up. Cheney. Chasing. Them and program our. Church. I don't I don't now. Mr. Wilson you was solid he. He whimper he didn't art on. Parked Emmett. Let it even Hillary's burden. She says art I said wolf what you want. Your turn. Dana. Who who you saw him bark. At all. It is she's like. No longer. You know people across Kansas City you're carrying their cars right now and yeah I am polygamy is forming a government. Program. Which it's. It does not look like the president is going to nominate anybody today. There will not be your recess appointment. But it's funny he says is it weird. That. How obstructionist the senate is being. I believe he. I'm just Plame. Fair here carry because I capable. I have grown over the years minus Kevin Yoder his personal friend I've grown to hate. 534 members of the US congress. And it. There are all just horrible human beings. My has given your owner can like him. And sinker isn't it amazing how obstructionist who Osama has become. I would do call a name during the Bush Administration. Where nobody was confirming anybody remember this. This idea of nominees is kind of languishing out there is not new to the Obama administration. Who sent. Back in 207 when all these nominees were just sit there in the middle of nowhere kind of an up in a political purgatory. Who was in the senate back then from Illinois President Obama and then Senator Obama who. So listen I'll take a lecture on obstructionism. From anybody but you. Don't act like you're the first victim. Okay. So she wants to train a dog. Who speaks English and who is politically astute to know when they hear a lot. Yes that's almost. Howard Dean moment. This laid back apparently. Include Bill Clinton referenced the same thing in a block. During at radio person supposedly trained dog to bark whenever a candidate lies about something I. Oh. And they wonder why we hear them. It's so down and they wonder why we don't vote. Oh wait no no I remember. Now remember what we don't look I see you Hillary Clinton and I read Eugene. He's on your team do. By that pleases forward. And Travis and I keep it that's it. Your well it was not identifiable as humans. And. A. Now the gonna. Then there's Dick head and then we're gonna watch is suited might not know it's. And it just it yourself. That. It's. That's identifiable as they do on what's needed is not even human. Yeah what. Happened to him at that very moment. Twelve years later I still wanna know somebody do stem bit. Driving weather together here is a major mile. Hey hey hey well. Dear traffic but I want you to and it was breasts are being. Thank you. Com and don't come home. Come on. Well. Let's bring in general I'm chief meteorologist Brian buzz. Volatile yeah. Rain showers from this morning left us with just the clouds and eventually some of those clouds believe tonight's lows thirty degrees. Well called a song club mix tomorrow warmer. Wind's not quite as strong south at five to ten high temperature 56 degrees with a breezes or not the temperature all the way up to the seventies on Thursday. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Brian Bosnian KM BZ whether it is cloudy cool 45 degrees your official the station. You don't IV they have everything you could possibly. Want in there everything from. Obviously the food and groceries that. But I I was in the last week for about Wednesday at the floor apartment you have not checked out Heidi floor apartment. You're missing out and shop your neighbor and I be at this a true story we're talking Caremark in the newsroom last week. If you don't have a fuels ever plus card. Kara marks are pulled up to the Heidi gas station the other day. And filled up her entire tank. For ten cents. Ten cents for a full tank of gas. And human and this industry can also load savings right under high beat a fuels ever plus car just go to Heidi dot com it's high dash B. Dot com warts and Heidi app and right now. Hy vee is giving way to 100000. Dollars. In twenty dollar gift cards to 101000 lucky winners no purchase necessary just go to any high V here in the Kansas City metro swipe your fuels ever plus and don't forget. They've moved there Wednesday as to Sunday give him four days earlier. We're Heidi dot com. For more than 500. Extra ways to say. Shop neighborhood I'd be stork. But 767798. Quicker my two things to programming notes Roth at 530 tonight for any basketball. They are taking on South Carolina the game Koch's. Pre game 530 tip off is at 6 o'clock tonight. And also this Friday. We're going to be out of the had to force or chrome bar in Lee's summit. And I have said from the data show started. That family comes first. There is nothing New York. That I would want them for data to be sitting by my side Friday afternoon. Her son is competing for state championship. In high school in the sport that he plays. I. And you know what god forbid. Some things are more important in this too which. So dame is gonna go watch her son but don't worry. We're bringing out a cast of characters on Friday. Rod. He counts for it should I just stop yeah we'll bring out rod. He's going to be on there it is on Friday. Mark Alford from fox four's gonna be there for the shadow mayor a knob town. I and we are bringing out and this is confirmed top magician. Who is with out a doubt. The greatest magician I have ever seen in my life. So he'll be entertaining you guys what we're doing the show. So if you can swing and now be on. And I I I I I know that that sounds trite sometimes I mean. It would be an honor. If you guys would come out and hang out with a us on Friday afternoon we summit. Rods going to be tomorrow core mark Alford. And atop the magician so you can swing and out these great. Services what sport I'd in his son's indicting. He's a dive. And he's competing for a state championship on Friday. Who my decisions and edited Souter and go for troops would. Gladly do I'm sure you. You know it's going to be a fund it is that that. And shout out to blue valley north has an amazing swim and dive program shunning the Sunnis to be there I mean it's all of the greatest when divers and I can rest your son to get to the same temperature is fantastic very excites really cool. Simple. I posted something today on FaceBook and I think it made people mad and maybe it was the way I sets. But did you hear. And I'm I'm not an enemy fans even like a little bit. But I did watch that Rhonda rousing fight the one that we're she lost Pollard and the reason I lost I was I was watching a surfing around and I happened to land on it I was like. Oh I hear about her all the time that she's as positive role model a camera watch for a few minutes and I watched it I'm not I think I watched it. So if you've heard she went on Allen. DeGeneres I think it aired today. And she did it Mets GC is Travis that she had some very dark thoughts. After that loss. And I'm in a read views specifically. What she said Allen and an eminent talk about what I posted it might apparently ruffled some others. In Esquire Magazine they write none of us can possibly imagine what it's life after going undefeated. And reaching the very top of your profession. To finally experience. Failure. Especially in afford as a sport is physically and emotionally punishing his intimate look at what holly home shocked the world by knocking out undefeated champion runner arousing. We knew right away arouses recovery would be long and difficult should build yourself back up mentally physically on your here's a quote Alan. I was literally sitting there thinking about killing myself. Gap she admits to having suicidal thoughts after this loss. She says I was thinking I'm nothing what I do anymore no one gives a blank about me anymore without basis. But she says to be honest I looked up I saw my man the man she loves Travis who was up their standing and I looked up at him. And I was like I need to have his babies I need to stay alive and pilots have is to hear from anyone Allen finds the positive in rousing having the courage to admit it to hear you say that is actually a really great thing. There are a lot of people who have thoughts like this they're looking that you're going while she's having thoughts like that back and it bothered me a little bit when I heard that she had those thoughts. I want and I am not knocking anyone has gone through deep dark depression. The mayor of there I know you've been there we all love people who have been there I thank god have not I can imagine what it would be like it's awful it bothered me a little bit. That she loses in a sport. And jobs to suicide and hand. Because she's a role model. For girls young women everywhere you look up to this girl with your it and in the mayor not she's on the front cover of the Sports Illustrated one of only three women winners soon. Magazine issue right now she is a role model whether you like it or not. And when I heard that she I don't like the word admitted that opened up about having suicidal thoughts after a sports loss. I just kind of went. Say that may be the worst day of her life. To me or state of your life is when you find out your two year old has leukemia. The worst save your life is when you get the phone call your mother has died in a car. I'm not I guess I'm not trying to diminish it those were her feelings. That's on that's her. But as a role model to young women. Kind of bugged me that she. Lost in the ring jobs to suicide. If you would be one thing for me. And. We all fail Scott only if we all sales is important and I don't like the message somehow that she fails once. You know and goes there. I will say this as somebody who has been in. Dark places and I saw what somebody wrote in your trees were periods and to Michael says thank you. It's for people like you tonight that I openly talk about these things. Because I have to I mean I have to live. My wife's arm on the year and life is not always rainbows and M and pots of gold it's just not. And the the book the one thing I've always found fascinating. Being someone who I don't think it was manic depressive I don't think it was clinically depressed. But I have been some very. Nasty. Dark places. Is. Don't depression. Is one of those things. That that kind of gets pushed aside and people hear what you have to be oppressed we talked about the Iran has committed suicide. But what is depression and those thoughts different than yes and that's and that's bail and my crack and that's what I'm getting at is that. I think she does a disservice for people who have really. And hopefully they get out of these are placed us. Because I have been in that room and it is a nasty place to be it is an on forgiving place to be. I think she does a disservice. For those who have truly been there clinical depression yeah. Who have driven over a bridge and wow the idea of cranking that we'll starts to look real attractive. Because she lost. His client may end up hosting Saturday Night Live and not here on the cover of the Sports Illustrated which I think is a man who was body image message for young girls. You don't all of environmental ought to be 92 pounds and look like you have eaten sandwich in ten years to be on the cover that maggot and. If she had said when I got out of that fight I I came to terms with the what was going on in my life I realized that I was going through a very dark place. That that I was borderline depressed. And that yeah I did actually consider committing suicide. What am I know that the that you guys are driving home from a job he can't stand him Haddon home to take kids or whatever you like really suicide again on on the show. If she had said Alan. I lost that fight was holing homes and it's soaked and I was in a dark place in my life yes and and this is. The thought that went through my mind. I can understand it the the part that's missing from me is the I was going through dark place in my life. All I'm hearing from her is I lost a huge fight I was publicly embarrassed. And I thought about killing myself com. Because what I think she's doing. And not only sending a bad message to a lot of young women and for that matter let's be honest athlete and athletes men who look up to her. Is she saying I lost the biggest thing in my life and I thought about killings. And I hate to make to diminish what that meant to her. But if someone loses a basketball game. In the final four and then thinks that sought. I would be saying the same thing about the young boys that look up to basketball players are releasing the exact same thing it's worth noting differences reminded me. Her father committed suicide when she was young. I think there's a difference between clinical depression and that dark place. And may and you've had a bad day at work which at the end of the day is what happened to her she had a bad day at work and her for bad day at work. Right. She's an amazing fighter. Somebody said she was suicidal before after her dad's suicide. MM it was hers or her savior it is what brought her back from the brink see her Baxter in prior interviews okay. Our season amazing all out nobody can take away. From what she has done. And she is an amazing fighter. I just wish in this interview that she had been. More back story which. If you want to such laws something to work for her whole life it was a thirty's your commitment to dispel that. Every one in sport or lose you know what I did today it might not tomorrow. But as you age you will lose favorite sports god how can you possibly play soccer. Before you start heading down a road that it's time ending at a I'm there. It's it's not it's going for it's not realistic to think she could sustain. That level. And it even Tiger Woods now I blogger ever won a long time there and prominent and probably won't it it's not a realistic. Level to sustain too mean to think that you're going to be the only number one your whole. I just wish and I am ever race texting and you know read her back story there's more to it than this and and that may be true. I just wish that she had gone more back story with Alan. Because. I. I am with you to an extent I'm I'm glad that she brought it up that this this is good that the dark secret that nobody wants to talk about. And I don't know and I'm not sitting here same here hate pat us on the back were one of the few. Shows in America that I'm aware of that's not afraid to talk about this. Maybe it's because there's 2% of the show has been there. What does herta who are you to decide what bring someone to that point well. They have to be gay. And she plays a game professionally at the gate she plays a game professionally and gets paid. Buckets of money to do that columns. 5767798. And over do we got to be about smoke coming to a 530s and I've been taken on the South Carolina Gamecocks. Horrible man for 10 at 6 o'clock tonight was due to the newsroom here's Karen marks. Man's best friend saves a girl KM BZ news time 432. Authorities and sound he's Missouri credit Don we're coming to the rescue of a little girl deputies say the dog bit a suspect until he stopped sexually assaulting her. And girl under the age of fourteen now 55 year old Richie dock of Iran is facing multiple felony charges. South Carolina governor Nikki Haley says she may not endorse anyone ahead of Saturday's first in the south GOP primary but if she does. It's certainly won't be Donald Trump Healy said today she's still trying to make up her mind which she said trump represents everything the governor doesn't want in a president. On Wall Street the Dow closed higher by 223 the NASDAQ added that 98 the S&P gained 31. KM BZ traffic and weather together here's may two miles. Dry skies for the next several days and that warming trend we've been talking about still is in the cards. We'll go for low thirty tonight with a partly cloudy conditions. Went out of the northwest at five to ten miles or switching to the south tomorrow. Well caught partly sunny high temperature warmer than average 56 degrees but we will still be over the seventies on Thursday. In close to seven on Friday. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. The video. Screaming out to another street tunnel tests. MMA it's not a game. Okay it's a life again it's a lifestyle kind are listen I love to watch MMX. Do I watch every you know MMA. UNC won Sony now I don't. Com to have a good friend who is really into Sean loses name who's really in MMA and calls some of these fights yes. Again it I've listened to hours of him telling me that animators say for the box. Tree. Aren't again it. Somebody wrote me it's not a game and Ira back and you're right but it's us. Port. And it is a sport. Okay. Emma Mae is a sport. Isn't fun to watch yes. Two people get the crap beat out of them yes. But it's not I mean let's let's lose it with the this is a lifestyle. It's not. That's icing boxing as a lifestyle. Or football it takes commitment. Here's here's here's an example I'll give. Had Alex Gordon. After he was stranded on sir that's a sport. That is a sports. Come out after that loss two years ago and said. I wanted to kill myself I wanted to commit suicide after an external third after I got stranded on third. We would be having the exact same conversation and this town would have lost its collective mind saying do you know how many little boys look up TO. This let's remind everyone you're making millions of dollars to play again. And I get hit that she was clearly a dark place after she will also applied to hallway Holmes. Again and I've been there. You know it before the criticism you guys are being really judge Ian were being used brags about it with some bad. The only times I drove home down childish parkway after the show when I was a Shannon and other knew him. And I thought man just crank the wheel man to crank that we will. It's all over. The party stops. I guess I did there I have been where you war. I'm telling you right now. It is a dark and it is a nasty place. All I'm saying is that if Rhonda rousing goes on Allen and she says noon Lawson finally hall home of about kill was a please give a little bit more back story the map. Please. Summit is heard and it is different when it's one on one vs a team sport. Only would say the same thing about Celine Williams. Grocery what does this tell. She Asia much tennis I watch the rest her soul. I don't care. Landon an independent so land Thailand and. And go moment thank. So I can keep in the game a tabletop game I've traveled the country and in a world that the world championship what all. And it it is a one on one thing. And and it does feel different than. When you reach a critical point. And its you vs another person. And it's something that you worked really hard for you practice and everything in important moments and ones were like it when your really good at this thing. And say as dictated that you were not as good as per across street or is. From you know yet. Because you Richard I you know and I've I've reached at you and they had taken crowd. And I can't speak broader level by any good like I said what I what I can do it. But it. It's something to where you you go trajectory we're. Not that that note I'd wait you know I have to be better than the person that beat. And there are certain time period you know morning you'll. And it's completely okay that should. You reach a point and and it was like get an award the first one match. Taken crime that. Hurt there can really doubt that please tell your tabletop game is not beer pong. I know what it is explain or miniatures and okay. I got my check. And I was like I can understand if you lost like 75 million dollars project channel someone just wrote in screaming in all caps please mention she was and cost. So there I mentioned she was contest. For Butler is to contrast well with their saying that can lead to feelings of aggression and suicidal thoughts SharePoint Joseph donning Kansas City hello John. I. Bet. Yeah everybody. And even being puncher and the traction. Every. Does not agree some degree probably shirt yet and sell. Over. Illnesses. Every. And I game I don't know what kind of game that there is tilt it into. They're very fact that she. Has admitted. And that role models for our young people are anybody. Shia are now role models to show you come out. I stay out that you met Shia. And you know I've. Everybody had said. Depression took part where they and that longer. You know hand. If it's something that you worked or are your. And you admitted there. Marc are there now. She can only get out is person mayor. Eight. And right. So bored and since when should a sport or career defined you'd that is just sad to me. I will say this I do believe that athletes. At the very very top of their game. Nationally. It it has to define them or they wouldn't be there am I wrong. To be that what you do in golf or in swimming to beat Michael Phelps. It has to define you urge you wouldn't need. Scott is saying you're not clinically depressed when you thought about killing yourself as doing a disservice to people with depression by an oversight that wasn't clinically depressed I was never diagnosed. I don't know it was. And that there are three ways out sadly there's a four man talk. You can have someone walk you out. You can get on medication. I went a spiritual route. For those who mourn in Nevada I'm sorry. I met with my pastor for eight weeks. And he walked me out and I and I honestly got I told him one time this was. About six years ago. On our last meeting when I thought we've finally gotten to the point where I was good. I said you may have just saved my life. And I you know and honestly I mean and it. I told them that once and I should have told them that a thousand times. When I told them I think you just saved my life. Because I don't know that he understands what happened. And what he did for me. I am. Canada's no crime on radio there's a credit. Well. No no Hillary I'd I don't need to bark like a dog. People don't under. This is what has always frustrated me and and we'd be I know I referenced Robin Williams little while ago always says it until you go through it you just don't know did it and and you cannot. Point to a car on that road repair. Whether somebody who's not been affected in one way or another by depression I normally major hang tight this is important. Because I'm hoping that somebody hears me. And that this might hopefully god willing changed their life. As bad as you think it is. It gets better. And there are people that are willing to save your life. And you just have to look. You know and and and they they will find you and you'll find them and and thank god for for Tim Wagner. My pastor he's saved my life. I honestly believe that. You just have to keep looking but but don't tell me you lost a fight he wanted to kill yourself. It's deeper than that there's more to the Mac. Traffic and weather together here's marriage vows are relate. Rain showers from this morning left us with just the clouds. And eventually some of those clouds will leave tonight's low thirty degrees. Well called a song club mix tomorrow warmer winds not quite as strong south at five to ten. I temperature 56 degrees with a breezes or not the temperature all the way up to the seventies on Thursday. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Brian Bosnian KM BZ whether. It is 45 degrees at your official weather station. You know something that has happened all of us are almost all of us and knock on what happens to anonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident whether it's something serious god forbid. Or just a simple fund about remember the name deals collision repair. In blue springs because it is serious business teacher car fixed right the first time. And keep his mind as well there are plenty of body shops that call themselves Daniels. There's only one Dale's collision repair blue springs and with out question they are the best of the best. It's work god but I find myself in a car accident. I'm taking my details here's a number 8162281855. It's good people good with the do 2816. 2281855. On minded Dale's auto collision. Dot com details of blue springs take care carts. Taking care of you. And sadly. Own own own. Glenn fry trip yes and sentenced. I was not a huge fan what happened less out of the grammys I thought what they did was good I thought the let me tribute was pretty good. When house super jotted down a Mets stormed off dust locate him all those guys. Joseph parent so that was pretty good. I'm an I'm not getting back into it. Anybody who thinks they show is fake. Should have seen the last five minutes. All three year. It's now. And I'm out I'm done with the preaching. I'm. I opened up. Which I'm not immune doing on the show. Com. For those of you writing on the text on you have been seen and you have been hurt. And experienced I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And if anything. It's it's weird because I don't like to do this time. It's weird thing that something comes out of your Malle. Word. Or sentence. Dog bark. Might might help somebody get through something. You you humble me YouTube honest to god you people you home booming. And I think Q. And I hope that maybe something I said make you. Give a second thought to something your thinking about doing or or may be gives you the push to say you know what I'm I'm gonna do. I'm gonna do someone else and I'm gonna get this fixed. And you can. And that's all I'm done I'm done prospering and AJ back from Kansas morning facilities it. I like I welcome to. Depression central. I was about. As about this am looking at the Texan who you must have been talking about depression I'd like I missed the previous segment I just noted down to use that you're not a preacher anymore I thought that was a big right there so I didn't. They by the way. I am working tomorrow morning and your work tomorrow morning we'll kick you. I'm not above taking it it is coming up on confined and reject. Tomorrow morning at Kansas city's morning news in case you haven't heard there's a presidential election this year and if. You wanna be part of it you need to be listening in the morning we got the information you need to know and it's important deadline oriented information. A homeless man in Kansas City was cold water to warm place to sleep and hot meal. So he he vandalized as a police card just to get arrested. Tomorrow morning you might be surprised at how often this kind of thing happens then we will tell you. And the next time you go to the Italian restaurant and they say hey you want some parmesan cheese on that. They'll say yes until we tell you. What's really in that shredded white stuff they're cramming in enables him that I loved parmesan and I will do Wednesday morning. You've got to CIR begin we leave you with this is don't. This anymore and my hands above your explode and my whole life Sox I don't know what I'm doing I don't know where I'm going when Dynegy is. You know family a mother did my kids and everything to backtrack a little auto and it certainly helps you couldn't do. Do Merrill. Did there. In its. Here. Canada. We just killed every. Started. It started over. Renewed Q we have. Been beaten world. My hands above your roots and little. Old White Sox. What I'm due out where I'm Cohen Maginnis is. You may have come out there get my kids and every aspect of the overall I don't minister and we don't shoot. Wilmington. And Huard says it is TER. Her. Man and his heart's so ordered green terms EER and text that is 72881. In the running for a. Is it to the newsroom owners care marks. Happening on KM BZY represented and clean vs congress is just three points above Satan more in just a minute. You know it's time to spoil yourself and your home because one of Nebraska first whereas most anticipated offers. Is here. Right employee family pricing in Kansas City. Scott parks for a limited time get furniture flooring appliances electronics all of them very special discount usually reserved just for close family members of employees. 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