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KMBZ's E.J. Becker Talks With President Barack Obama

Nov 6, 2015|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. President in the last 24 hours dozens and dozens of Kansas scenes have called and emailed have sent tweets. Kim and William Catherine from Lee's summit Richard Ursula Cathy you know life. They've all asked me to let you know that they're seeing health care premium increases of thirty plus percent for the coming here. And others have said they're seeing the cost of health care skyrocket. Despite the Affordable Care Act. Specifically for folks like these who what's being done to make sure that the Affordable Care Act is. Affordable for everybody. Well I don't know what's. Obviously people's individual circumstances. I don't know whether these are all folks who are currently signed up on the health care marketplace affordable care. Or whether they're getting health insurance to the employer or family situations are there health status so here's what we know. It is since before we'll pyrrhic passed over seventy million people got health insurance would have a the rate of uninsured is the lowest. We've seen history it's gone down by about Europe 45%. Since 2010. And what we also know is is that eight out of ten people who are getting health care through the affordable character eligible for financial subsidies. And with a little bit of shopping on health care dot gov. And the subsidies. About seven or intend to get. A high quality health insurance plan for some odd bucks last. And you bit the biggest challenge that we have right now. Whether it's. Kansas City or anyplace else in the country is that there's still a lot of people who were eligible. But had not yet signed. And those who have signed up and have felt the troops are always doing shop so. That things were recruiting during this open roll record. If you've never signed up for help insurers before or. You wanna take a look at and sign up. Four in new plans between now and December 15. You can sign up and get health insurance starting January 1. Or you can continue to shop all the we're told Jen or 31. But what we found is that when people. Look at side by side comparisons of birds healthcare plan individual shopping big serve as much as five to 600 bucks a month. In lower cost by finding plan that's better suited their means so if if those individuals that you just talked about. Are already getting health insurance through the marketplace my. Strong suggestion go to health care dollar go and look at the other plants that are available because on average is going to be able to serve. President Obama wage growth is not kept pace with rising costs in recent years what are our biggest employers sprint. Has just reiterated that thousands of jobs are about to be cut. Economic growth still hasn't come back as as we would like to since the crisis seven years ago. What's that can you take what can be done right now to bring back wage growth and to continue to trying to bring back jobs. Well keep in mind when I came in office. Our courtrooms on the way to 10% more importantly how's that five point 1%. The number of job openings that are out there. Are higher than. That. Since the seventies so the economy has rebounded from the crisis that. An extra one we came in order a number of steps that we could be taken. But it requires corporation congress for example our roads our bridges. Our. Basic infrastructure needs here we could be putting people back to work right now. And Time Warner. We've cut deficits by two pillars we should be rebuilding America and not only does that create. There construction jobs are had jobs but all the suppliers steel cement. Those folks it's a lot more demand. But right now congress has passed and I were bill reauthorization so. So they're just a number of basic things that we could be doing at the moment. That would help strengthen the global economy. Help increased demand all of that. And importers. Need more workers which is the best offer higher wages but what is also true. We've seen over the last thirty years. Wages and incomes stagnant for two people. And even when importantly it is well partly that's has due to. And automation and some office there were. The kind of leverage workers whose to have unions. Don't exist much because a lot of laws that that's make it harder to Jordan so. That there's there's no silver bullet as a mix of policies that can make a difference right now. But when it comes to higher cost just wanna remind people that. Any individual. Who has health insurance makes you a particular premiums going up but overall health care inflation. About it. Expense that respect helicopter has gone up at the slowest rate fifty years since you were here. Mr. President I know you're always looking for an inspirational story. And with Josh Earnest as your Press Secretary. I know this one didn't escape. The the Kansas City Royals are more than a championship team that just proved once again that if you believe. You never quit. You always have a chance to. I've gotten a lot of emails a lot of texts and tweets that wanna make sure you were rooting for the right but well. Just heard us my prospector. From the campus earlier made sure that. We were. Sure. The royals whenever he was around these level. It but what it was a great team. A great victory. Scrappy. You know no huge superstars but just great team baseball. Really well managed. Do I account come from behind never panicked and and it's a great victory for the city it's great victory for. Erica baseball grip. You like she played so. I congratulate him and I'm hoping that among all those royals programs. There are bunch of people. We know don't have health insurance but could really benefit if they go to healthcare dot gov. Get on there you know if you got health insurance shop in search of money if you need help you can call 1803182596. If you need help in person or go to local helped out helped abduct. You'll be ill defined it. Venue not for profits ever church. That has advisors there navigators can figure out how to get the best possible president Barack Obama honors thank you thank you so much.