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Oct 30, 2015|

Just in time for Halloween, E.J. and Ellen's person of the week doesn't believe in ghosts...because he says he doesn't have to. Listen and find out why.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My name is Jason office. I teach journalism at Northwest Missouri State and also. I would Alter our written a number of books about stuff about the paranormal. What what's your fascination with the paranormal where's it come from. Like comes from Lynn when I was a kid I and so full body desperation and little boy in my house and I'd really brewing what I do know. What was going on so I I sit out this study looked very normal possibly. Does that seem an odd mix paranormal investigator. In journalism professor. I know really because I don't consider myself as a paranormal investigator way everything that I by resurgent right I do as a journalist. Well I'm exploring you know haunted mansion. I I go there LA I try to experience what were thirty experience. But I mainly based. Space play in my research off of all the interviews that I've done on. People who actually experiences. EC soft full bodied apparition when you were little boy. EBay you'll see that same pull money to operation. You don't say they didn't vote all of that at home to time I lived I was really old farmhouse and what got to my room when he was just standing there staring at me I. Went back in my bedroom shut the door I did you talk to my family about that occurrence for thirty years and talk to him. No he knows editor at about minor junior's older you see. Appreciate a little boy is not supposed to be there is anyone that you can feed you forgot that the bookshelf the wall behind it go through him. Yeah yeah it's really not I really wasn't geared up for conversation. I just because Jason hasn't talked to the dead. Other people may have Fannie told me she talked to her dead father was five 78 years old. My Islam in the walkway. Were you scared or re comforted by offered at the ITT taught me guess you may have missed if Theres life and Holland of the conversation go on from mother handled by less than a minute. And what did you talk about I don't remember but it's a good memory or the very good memory. Let's go back to our paranormal journalist Jason for a moment who says. He's never spoken to a ghost but one spoke to Jason and his buddies while they were playing cards one night scared they you know one out of them to experience is like that on his little boy won as an adult. Is that why you believe four. These your belief in in something beyond easy to informed by your research as well. Well first look forward belief out because you'll believe it's for people who don't have any evidence and I think we hope. What if what I experienced that that evidence is evidence enough for me. So I'm I'm pretty convinced that there's there's something else there the resurgence just I just felt. Actually it did it help me come to grips with it more because there are so many people out there who bad experiences. Job. And then there are so many people out there who just don't buy it. Like James do you believe in ghosts now. Because. Eight S and go steady assessed though I'm be able to interact with any thing because I got to save us very thanks even if they detonated mean no way now. Any friends that you think are relatively normal to the scene goes and makes you think may disagree think this captaincy if any of them are tabling armada. My name is Thomas do you believe in Gibbs no I do not why not because I haven't been presented any evidence that shows the ghosts exist. What would it take to convention seeing guests probably. I'd be pretty convincing and even our own Allen who admittedly believes. Still a bit of a skeptic petition I think of all the people that have died over the years. Wouldn't there be ghosts everywhere see it it contacting everyone speaking to them like they spoke deal. The thought out there is that there are ghosts everywhere it's just whether or not they choose or are able to manifest themselves. Through to people is is is a question. If somebody encounters a ghost somebody encounters the spirit a light you encountered them little boy. What do you do. And unlike Indian ghostbusters you don't run that's screaming at it trying to grab bits didn't work out very well for ray Riggs. We do is just turn around Italy. He wanted to talk with a ghost you know being be my guest but that I interviewed a lot of people who have gone. Out of their way to try context spirits who have those spirit falls and homes so you know there's always the danger. The make you a little uneasy done until that completely creeps me out man and many Greeks think hanging out in the cemetery so you might go ahead and believe but you're not gonna talk anymore exactly you know what. Some people believe some people don't and I think a lot of the people who don't someday they just might Jason you are are. Paranormal. But that's that's a a a a person of the week. Yeah. To.