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Oct 2, 2015|

Scout's honor -- if you've ever been part of scouting, you don't want to miss E.J. and Ellen's Person of the Week. #POTW

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How do art and Scott's. Older brother. And so. All in my prayers to all this will. Worry your brother's couch yeah are you an Eagles got. Yeah this. Is my younger front and out really me and we'll. Can you you've given the burn where there's there's there's anyone their badges that you need. He's given leadership. Your out group. Community service to your community and you you don't project which he led others to do. To improve your community endure. And Paul Kirk's eagle scout and scoutmaster for troop 374 in liberty. I think nine short bus to there glasses and assuming you need just listed off what it takes to be in eagle scout. And he has shared that list which many young men. You glad it tremendous number eagle scouts to lose Gerry he and I mean more than what he's doing a many. I it. Group. Or forty. Or. And our. And you're doing and Arie all. Brilliant great leader and help just one person I don't mean. But we also have great leader kids. Are wanting to do and we derided program. Enables. To complete Wear badges and reduce your risk projects are believed in it and eagle project is there a trickle down aspect meaning. Every time somebody else becomes legal out younger. And younger kids aspire Mort you've got us yeah. Brilliant look at the older. More than what people would they put little irritated after eleven years old looking at 1516 year old. I want to inspire you can't be like in the news. There's a good character trait to have does that six. Well when we were whisked home we were in a beautiful modern conference room at CEO done where he's in charge of facilities. We were not outside huddled around a campfire where he's equally if not more at home. But just like that conference room to the camp fire the contrast is stark between what we got what we are counting. And a world in which we can use an apt. Start our camp fire wire rob stick together so we want to know how counting is still relevant. Children's parents were and who thinks scouting and eagle scouts girls school. Woody Allen. No we're not there. We in the minors especially the last outside this year's yeah. Now law has taken the approach of either we you don't border you let him. So it changed. They change there's a licensing. Or we started there and whoever started adult leader we always know. I don't sit CD players to come we can't balance but now we're saving your bonus. Despotic green is owned and we'll check out things that he what you look at magic in asylum. Program and I went through when I was a kid in the early eighties and it's not the same program that was there in the sixth and this news. But Colin troop 374 have embraced those changes and they have the numbers to prove it. And they just keep plow on I had this controversy over the years there's been the whole gay leadership thing and all of that. When you're leading us troop like this deal let the other worry about that keep you head down and doing what you do on board or to be kids bring up the controversy wanna talk about it when it pops up. His illness or controversy when you talk about it again that's that's like somebody else were still doing we're going to treat choose. Look we can't bounce in meetings that we're connected here to watch him grow. We're not hurt. You're going through the process of becoming an Eagles what's the toughest part. A. And older brother. And he. Rugby. In. A square. What. Do you ever seen from out as he did to this metal right and metal. She go to Torrey. And get them. Thinking. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Don't meeting hall and hearing him talk about his experiences in his love of outing. We left to wonder which was greater he is a fact and the 209. Eagle scouts honored on his watch. Where there impact on him by the way Paul crooks scouts honor. You are personally. He. I. Yeah.