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Aug 14, 2015|

E.J. and Ellen's Person of the Week believes in the power of a good haircut. And every year, he shares it with as many children as he can!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our person of the week is an entrepreneur or a philanthropist. He's a role model mentor and self made man which you won't find him in a boardroom. You'll find him behind a desk cellphone in each hand with the assistance buzzing around behind him no. You'll find him behind its share. Replace him. Home any other literally grew up inside salons. Were my mother had a best and in fact this Avalon back this week. In doing hairstyle. She shed don't even get that and whether that's a key had to build issues on the registry you know boys. That's Joseph com. Joey cut 32 years old. Long braided hair second chair from the window on the left when you walk in to the eighteen a movie barber salon in the eighteenth and vine district. His barber salon is aid beehive of activity even on the Tuesday morning. Five or six barbers and stylists working talking. Kids and watching and listening plain and people waving your sticking their head in the door just say hello a's they passed by. Ours tomorrow we chart this Stacey King movie obviously logs and I grew up that was around the outside of this baby is some kind of form or fashion. They were connected with the million because they communion people who split shall be proud things like farm status. And in return the farmers enjoy shop no it's their job isn't just cut hair it's to give back. This past Sunday when barber shops and salons across the country and were closed Joey shop was packed those are a thing you fresh a fresh story. We don't mind. There's no lawyer how they wrap around shot. Because the most is every 204 hits and means we're it was crazy illustrate them made them mini is though we gave away over 300 blue bay. And school supplies and school uniforms all in an effort to make sure that the kids and their community would head back to school looking in feeling their best. Because it makes a difference. In all over twenty barbers and stylists feed their time and talents to fresh cut fresh start on Sunday. How many times you don't just look fresher than what you think I love our lead back next here helps if you. And preakness Sarah has a chair and you always barber salon in his first fresh cut fresh start he gave thirty haircuts alone pretty. Anything because these kids can't go in and new haircut for fiscal. Feel like I'm playing admitted though especially if they got the hit Canon and the fresh clean clothes that go along with. But fresh cut fresh start is more than just to Sunday event Jewish Barbie is know that when they sign up to work in the salon. That annual Sunday of getting his just the beginning. Give me for a free here for us throughout the school year for our young high school did it seem fresh a fresh start. If they make a straight day on a very coy bigotry here a couple of years so now we guys industry young means to do that it it's it's a cheese so stay motivated. And of the ways strategically they're trying to do what is the Barbara date could they know me here today today. Guess the same Maliki if freer access and now. Dev Barbara has a little relation eligibility relationship blow would night any kind of wit teel threw out his success. Joy were you ever the kids that he did Elvis yes I mean. Now only was I he had me Emma Bradley's don't you mean Rhonda I have a great mother. They give her. He is a big part of the community. He's always looking out for the young people they call me. I'm Barbara salons don't wanna just label things in the community where a lot of young you just kind of com together you know get that filed a bigger than they're looking for. He deserves to be inside the young man. Do you still have the bassinet. That he slept in in the back room kudzu. It'd actually was that did this in another rather than the diesel model that bad movement I. Madonna is Jolie's mom she's a stylistic and he shop as well. And you'll find a third generation they're too joy is one of Jolie's two daughters. And Joey is clear about what he wants his children to take away from his efforts. David. Danny did I Likud you know. I tell myself along some of the private files sixteen I say I'm not live my life for myself and live my life and legacy you know. I'm a firm belief that day you know wise man lose when you leave here please please please for the rich kid to come. If you could tell your dad how proud you are of him what would you say I was taking it. And Shannon to Julie's other daughter little and the deal this morning you keep finding little one a model that I live by there every kid out there among people. I gotta appreciate every single person that comes this alone. I have to stake for me tomorrow I have to contain the day I have to teams this you know this. This is the way in my lifetime that's the way they've been brought to me. This was they'll be there today course Julie cuts but Joseph in case mom is lets you. Our our person of the week.